About the Founder

Sussan Mahjouri, Owner & Designer

Sussan grew up in London, and after graduating from Goldsmith’s College ( University of London) with a degree in Graphic Design. She had her first internship at Vogue. 

Life brought Sussan to the US and in addition to having a family, she continued enriching her creative and artistic passion. 

She excelled in various forms of art. She expanded her knowledge of jewelry designing, accessories, portrait painting, graphic designing and millinery. Her artistic spirit ultimately led her to design her line of Bags. As a result of her endeavors, in 2010 she decided to create her own exclusive brand “SusiBash”. 

Through many years of expanding her artistic knowledge, she enrolled in a workshop to further extend her apprenticeship in New York under the tutelage of a retired Prada bag maker. The fulfillment of learning the craft of bag making led her into manufacturing her distinctive signature bags. Her products have been exhibited at Trunk shows, boutiques and on line. 

In 2019, Sussan designed her signature patent pending Suzi Bag + and the Minoo Bag. 

The main feature of these bags is the “hidden charging dock” attached inside the bag which enables one’s phones to be charged on the go.