The mission of SusiBash is to enhance an individual's unique sense of style and living through personalized creations and detailed embellishments.

From the offices of British Vogue where Sussan first designed the famous Oscar de la Renta logo to the beaches of Los Angeles where SusiBash was first born, Sussan Navidi Mahjouri has been a professional in creative direction for over 25 years with extensive experience and an infectious passion for fashion and graphic design.

In 2010, Sussan created SusiBash on a long walk with her sister on a beach in Santa Monica. It started with handmade jewelry made of Swarovski crystals and quickly evolved into the "revival" of clothing as she enhanced various fashion pieces with lace, leather panels, and other embellishments.

It was on a last-minute trip to New York to visit a longtime friend that Sussan discovered a handmade leather workshop that she "crashed" into a few days given her limited stay. She spent long days observing every detail of the craft and before she knew it, she was mocking up bags after the famous Hermes "Kelly Bag" and starting creating her own styles for family members and close friends. She started making evening bags, everyday bags, small leather pouches for traveling, and personalized leather accessories for bridal showers and bachelorette parties.